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My Store, On-demand fulfillmentOrdering a click away, done right!

Dynamark’s My Store, On-demand Fulfillment services help you better manage your business communications with the convenience of online ordering.  Personalized documents, cost-center management, and real-time reporting allow you to maximize your purchases and minimize your expenditures, thus giving you full control of the process.

Web to Print services streamline the ordering, customizing, proofing, and printing process for any size company.  Our Web to Print offering, My Store, is the perfect solution for connecting distribution offices and field staff, managing brand integrity, and monitoring the cost of print production and distribution.

You get centralized accessibility for viewing, ordering, and customizing as well as a
tracking process to monitor product requests and determine usage frequency.
In addition, you get to protect your brand standards through locked templates that
only allow customization in specified areas.

Web to Print with MyStore, allows you to …

• Order through a standard and familiar shopping cart approach.
• Create customized documents while preserving your brand standards.
• Manage your brand through the use of pre-defined templates.
• Generate reports with real-time data to enhance business decisions.
• Print what you need, when you need it with multi-point shipping capabilities.
• Control your department / corporate spending with monitored user access
and a master approval process.

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